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Parent Involvement

Parents are to be the most influential spiritual advisor for their children.  Trinity Christian Academy and the UMSI model is designed to have teachers partner with parents as parents assume the responsibilities of teaching and supervising their children.  This responsibility varies from assistant teacher, supervisor and mentor depending on the stage of the student’s education. 


As teachers guide parents and students in the direction of their studies, it is expected that parents use their gifts to support and strengthen the school.  There are many areas of opportunity to serve the school throughout the year, from various in-class projects to weekly lunch duty. 


There are also opportunities of personal growth instruction throughout the year.  All parents are encouraged to attend our Partnership Training and our two Parent Academy trainings.  These Academy trainings cover a variety of topics from technology safety to using educational manipulatives.


Our Parent Community Committee (PCC) organizes fun, family gatherings to create opportunity for friendships to grow.  Park picnics, BINGO nights and symphony tours are a few highlights that whole family enjoys.

Partnering with parents to educate students with a biblical worldview, to prepare them to live purposefully in the service of God and mankind.


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