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Students at Trinity Christian Academy.
Trinity Christian Academy Logo.


Your Support Makes A Difference.

Your investment in the movement sweeping America to reclaim the education of our children is positioning students at Trinity Christian Academy to pursue deep relationships with the Lord in the throes of their academic pursuits. Together, we are equipping each student to impact this world in a way that seeds future generations.

Classical Education Teacher.
Trinity Christian Academy is Discipleship Focused.

Discipleship Focused

The vertical relationship with God which drives the horizontal relationships in our daily lives - we desire to help our parents lead their families well in this essential spiritual discipline.

Trinity Christian Academy uses a university model education.

University Model

This model provides the precious gift of time for parents to disciple their students at home - this is the “umbrella” supporting discipleship coupled with classical education.

Trinity Christian Academy is a Classical Education centered school.

Classical Education

 The foundation of classical education is teaching students to be virtuous thinkers. Our Biblically-centered classical courses teach students how to think and persuade others for Christ

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