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Mandy Sutterfield

My name is Mandy Sutterfield (formerly Mrs. Sutterer) and I have been a part of Trinity for the past five years.

God has called me to this classical model of education from my childhood of being educated. I was a homeschooled child in the early days of the 80’s when homeschooling was not even a word people understood. Being homeschooled till I was sixteen years old, I always felt like I was a loner in my education journey.
I have always had a passion for working with children of a young age and know God has me right where He wants me. I get to work with parents who are educating their children and also teach them too. This model is the best of both worlds to be in the classroom and home too.

I am a mother of five children who have always attended christian schooling. Steven is 24 years old and a traveling X-ray technician. Anna is 22 years old and works for American Family Insurance. Josie is 18 years and a Freshman at St. Charles Community College. Madie is 16 years old and a Senior at South Fort Zumwalt High School.
Leah is 13 years old and attends Christian Middle School.

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