Meet Our Staff

God has brought an amazing team of teachers together to partner with you

in the education of your students.

Our teachers are all degreed and/or accredited in teaching and have a deep commitment to Christ. 

Wendy Pechacek, Head of School

Wendy Pechacek

Head of School

Dawn Griffin, Head of Schools of Logic and Rhetoric

Dawn Griffin

Head of Upper School

Heather Hartsoe, Admin. Assist

Heather Hartsoe 

Administrative Assistant

Shelley Simon, Pre-Kindergarten

Shelly Simon 


Mandy Sutterer, Kindergarten

Mandy Sutterer 


Abby Givens, Grade 1

Abbie Givens 

Grade 1

Debbie McLeester, Grade 2

Debby McLeester

Grade 2

Karen Wall, Grade 3

Karen Wall 

Grade 3

Shelly Temm, Grade 4

Shelly Temm 

Grade 4

Leslie Fruchey 

Grade 5 

Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller

Grade 6

Katie Brown

Katie Brown 

Grades 7 & 8

Trinity Logo_edited.png

Dawn Stewart

Grades 7 & 8

Mary Fink, Grades 9, 10

Mary Fink 

School of Rhetoric 

Steve Patten

Steve Patten 

Rhetoric School Math

Amy Tallo, Kindergarten

Amy Tallo 

Various Subjects

Alison Ascuncion, Spanish

Alison Asuncion

Spanish, Latin

Cynthia Browning

Cynthia Browning


Miss Mellen2.jpg

Brittany Mellen 


Partnering with parents to educate students with a biblical worldview, to prepare them to live purposefully in the service of God and mankind.