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Debby McLeester

Mrs. Debby McLeester joined Trinity Christian Academy in 2015. She graduated from Grove City College in Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and has continued her education through on-site and online classes. She has taught Grades two, three, and four at Christian schools in Ohio, California, and Missouri. She has also tutored, substituted, and worked as a teacher’s assistant with the Francis Howell School District. She is married to her husband, Jay. Together they raised and homeschooled 3 children. As a teenager, she came to know Christ and has been growing in the Lord through involvement in Children’s and Women’s Bible study at a church in St. Charles. Her favorite hobbies are reading, biking, gardening, and playing tennis. With experience as a homeschool mom, she looks forward to working alongside other homeschool families and educating children for Christ

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